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“A great talent and a fabulous singer”

“I think she’s going to go places, that lass, really, really good.”

The Mike Harding Folk Show (122)                                                                                                                                                                                   after playing Dark Inishowen at 23:43

“Niamh Boadle is a star!

Niamh hasn’t just jumped off the bus and decided to be a folk star. Her apprenticeship started as a young kid turning up and doing folk club spots playing, singing or dancing. The first time I heard her I was gob-smacked. For a youngster she was far too good a guitarist, far too talented a musician and far too engaging and mature with her audience. So when that gorgeous voice sails beautifully across a club room or festival site we all put our drinks down, stand straight and still and acknowledge that we are hearing and sharing something very special. Her career inevitably continues to blossom. Her club and festival performances are unique and inspiring to musicians of all ages and she stands head and shoulders above her peers. Her success is guaranteed. Catch a performance at a club near you soon.

Great songwriter!!! She is magic!!!”

Anthony John Clarke

“We've shared a stage with Niamh on more than one occasion and have always found the experience to be a delight. Although capable of virtuosic performance with either instruments and voice, she is never self-consciously 'showy', nor does she bow to fashion, but instead presents a heartfelt interpretation of her material. What comes over is a conviction, rare in younger performers, that the song can speak for itself.”

Paul & Liz Davenport

“Niamh Boadle is one of the finest young singers to emerge from the Folk Degree Course.

She has a delightful, lilting way with her songs, which owes much to the Irish sean nos style, to which she brings a freshness and youthful quality which is modern and mature at the same time. In some of her more contemporary material, she adds a strength and resonance in her lower register which is delicious. A voice to listen out for, a future to keep an eye on!”

Sandra Kerr

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